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111th Congress, Vote 31; Senate #2

Childrens Health Insurance Program Reauthorization and Expansion

Official Title: To amend title XXI of the Social Security Act to extend and improve the Children's Health Insurance Program, and for other purposes.

HR 2: Children's Health Insurance Program Reauthorization and Expansion
Passed Senate Jan. 14, 2009, 66-32, 1 not voting.

  • The bill expanded State Children's Health Insurance Program coverage from 6.6 million children to about 11 million children.
  • It renewed SCHIP for five years at a cost of $60 billion, up nearly $35 billion from current levels, and, to fund the added costs, it raised federal tobacco taxes from 39 cents per pack to $1 per pack.
  • The bill also enabled children of legal immigrants and legal immigrants who are pregnant to qualify immediately for SCHIP coverage, ending a five-year waiting requirement for both groups.

Why supporters pushed for this bill

President Obama summed up support when signing the bill in February 2009, saying that he was "fulfill(ing) one of the highest responsibilities we have: to ensure the health and well-being of our nation's children.

"Since it was created more than ten years ago, the Children's Health Insurance Program has been a lifeline for millions of kids whose parents work full time, and don't qualify for Medicaid, but through no fault of their own don't have – and can't afford – private insurance. For millions of kids who fall into that gap, CHIP has provided care when they're sick and preventative services to help them stay well. This legislation will allow us to continue and build on these successes."

Why Opponents Tried to Stop the Bill

The National Republican Trust called the legislation a "massive expansion of government run health insurance which goes far beyond the original scope of this program … this legislation would expand its reach … to 50 percent higher-income children and massively increases the number of eligible adults."

01/29/2009 Status: Senate bill passed

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Yes (66)
Our pick
D Mark Begich AK
R Lisa Murkowski AK
D Blanche Lincoln AR
D Mark Pryor AR
D Barbara Boxer CA
D Dianne Feinstein CA
D Michael Bennet CO
D Mark Udall CO
D Christopher Dodd CT
I Joseph Lieberman CT
D Thomas Carper DE
D Edward Kaufman DE
R Mel Martinez FL
D Bill Nelson FL
D Daniel Akaka HI
D Daniel Inouye HI
D Thomas Harkin IA
D Roland Burris IL
D Richard Durbin IL
D Evan Bayh IN
R Richard Lugar IN
D Mary Landrieu LA
D John Kerry MA
D Benjamin Cardin MD
D Barbara Mikulski MD
R Susan Collins ME
R Olympia Snowe ME
D Carl Levin MI
D Debbie Stabenow MI
D Amy Klobuchar MN
D Claire McCaskill MO
D Max Baucus MT
D Jon Tester MT
D Kay Hagan NC
D Kent Conrad ND
D Byron Dorgan ND
D Ben Nelson NE
D Jeanne Shaheen NH
D Frank Lautenberg NJ
D Robert Menendez NJ
D Jeff Bingaman NM
D Tom Udall NM
D Harry Reid NV
D Kirsten Gillibrand NY
D Charles Schumer NY
D Sherrod Brown OH
D Jeff Merkley OR
D Ron Wyden OR
D Robert Casey PA
D Arlen Specter PA
D John Reed RI
D Sheldon Whitehouse RI
D Tim Johnson SD
R Lamar Alexander TN
R Bob Corker TN
R Kay Hutchison TX
D Mark Warner VA
D Jim Webb VA
D Patrick Leahy VT
I Bernard Sanders VT
D Maria Cantwell WA
D Patty Murray WA
D Russell Feingold WI
D Herbert Kohl WI
D Robert Byrd WV
D John Rockefeller WV
No (32)
R Jefferson Sessions AL
R Richard Shelby AL
R Jon Kyl AZ
R John McCain AZ
R Saxby Chambliss GA
R John Isakson GA
R Charles Grassley IA
R Michael Crapo ID
R James Risch ID
R Samuel Brownback KS
R Pat Roberts KS
R Jim Bunning KY
R Mitch McConnell KY
R David Vitter LA
R Christopher Bond MO
R Thad Cochran MS
R Roger Wicker MS
R Richard Burr NC
R Mike Johanns NE
R Judd Gregg NH
R John Ensign NV
R George Voinovich OH
R Thomas Coburn OK
R James Inhofe OK
R Jim DeMint SC
R Lindsey Graham SC
R John Thune SD
R John Cornyn TX
R Robert Bennett UT
R Orrin Hatch UT
R John Barrasso WY
R Michael Enzi WY
Not Voting (1)
D Edward Kennedy MA